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Dried Black Dates is used for spleen deficiency, less food, weak stools, and woman’s irritability.
1 fruit : nourishing the nerves . For Spleen eat less, fatigue, loose stools, woman hysteria.
2 Bark: inflammation, bleeding, diarrhea. For bronchitis, enteritis, dysentery, uterine bleeding ; topical treatment of traumatic bleeding.
3 Root: qi, blood, regulate menstruation. For irregular menstruation, redcollapse, vaginal discharge .

A. Moisture
Approximately 20-25%
B. Invert Sugar
Approximately 70%
C. Cleanliness
Clean of dust and dirt while maintaining a naturally clean
look. No bird pecks, rodent bites or like damage.
D. Preservatives None
E. Hydrated Fruit Consists of increasing the fruit moisture content through a
steaming process to meet moisture content specifications.
F. Pesticide Use Organic certified fruit: None (no pesticides, insecticides
or fumigation of any type, including Methyl
Bromide). Commercial fruit: Grown naturally without

Packing: 25kg/50kg PP Bag Or 25kg/50kg Kraft Bag
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Weight 106 kg
Dimensions 173 × 65 × 31 cm


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