Our business relies on providing high quality service to our clients worldwide. Our experience has helped us succeed in establishing new markets, acquiring potential clients and building a mutually trustworthy relationship with the customer.
We intend to work with reliable and serious buyers to establish a long term business relationship with favorable terms and conditions sealed with honesty and trust.
Our Company is a prestigious company with a good reputation to suite all customer`s across the world and we look forward to providing good quality products.
We are a trading company specializing in the acquisition and distribution of specific commodities and other raw materials required by various customers all over the world. With over a decade of experience in this business we believe in quality and strive to bring you the highest quality of products on the market today. We work directly with farmers and manufacturers to make sure you get top tier products. Along this journey we will continue to provide the finest quality products on the market and represent companies that do the same. We do this for you and appreciate all of your support along the way.

OMELLEKT serves diverse customers in markets where a logistical advantage exists; and is a leader in the utilization of international carriers, we need more shipping companies to collaborate with in order to reach more ports.

We will need our partners to offer an integrated commodity value chain, to provide the warehouse storage, collateral management, sample quality, pest control service and many more solutions as post-harvest services in the Agri Value Chain to a range of our stockholders like farmers, traders, corporates, banker funding & financial institutions etc. Provide strategically located, technology connected warehouses that are planned according to the specific needs, locations and requirements of the respective stakeholders. To focus on our mission “delivering quality services. We specialize in the most important functions of Commodities Trade Warehousing, Collateral Management, Quality certification, Fumigation and as well as Fund Management/Financing.

The growing demand for organic crop farming required an increased focus on providing an all-natural solution for increasing soil nutrients. We inquire our supplier with a  goal  to provide organic farming operations with reliable access to direct application rock phosphate fertilizers that are free of chemicals. Rather than make unproven claims about our fertilizer, we focus on education, testing, and proper use to document results. This process may be slower, but it ensures that we truly support the growth of sustainable agriculture around the world.

Entering into a written farm partnership agreement is essential for farmers to be in control of their business. Without such a document the farming enterprise can be subject to some very old legal provisions going back to the Partnerships Act 1890. Partnership agreements or company incorporation will also crystallise other issues such as succession, tax and incomes. We advise on both partnership and limited company structures for farming businesses.


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